Participant Forms Below

 Participant Packet/Medical History Link

Participant Packet/Medical History are required for each individual that would like to participant in an Eagle Mount program.  This packet will need to be filled out once a year as information may change.  If you have any questions about the Participant Packet/Medical History, please contact the Eagle Mount office.  Once it is filled out, save to your computer to be attached to an email.  

Liability Waiver and Media Waiver Link

The Liability Waiver is MANDATORY per Eagle Mount’s Liability Insurance and must be filled out yearly.

The Media Waiver is optional and gives Eagle Mount permission to post pictures of a participant to social media, newsletters, etc…

If you have any questions, please call the Eagle Mount office.

2020 Summer Camp Financial Assistance Form Link

Please print and fill out the form and email to or return to Eagle Mount Billings offices at 1140 16th street West #12

Volunteer Forms Below

Volunteer Application Link

Please print application after filling out and bring to the Eagle Mount Office.

Background Check Link

Follow link to do online background check.

Liability Waiver and Media Waiver Link

Follow link to liability and media waivers.

The background check and waivers will be sent to Eagle Mount directly.  Please print out the application and bring to the Eagle Mount office at the address below so we can meet you and discuss your volunteering.  We look forward to meeting you.