The best kept secret in Billings

Did you know that Eagle Mount is the best kept secret in Billings?

space at 1140 16th Street West-Suite #12. The street level location allows better accessibility, ample parking and lots of storage. And, although we have been around for 25 years, I still hear people ask “What is Eagle Mount?” Well, I am glad you asked! Eagle Mount Billings offers recreational opportunities to individuals of any age with a disabling condition. We currently offer eight programs: Arts & Crafts, Bicycling, Summer Day Camp, Equestrian, Golf, Ski, Social Night and Swimming. But that is what we do and not who we are. And who we are is …. Priceless! Working with individuals with special needs does not require super-human qualities but it will definitely teach you very important lessons in life.

You will acquire a better understanding of the problems these individuals encounter and the difficulties they face while dealing with the perception and treatment by society in general. As a result of your heightened sensitivity, you may never pass by a blind man waiting to cross the street without asking to be of help. You will never again express impatience as a bus driver takes the time to lower the hydraulic lift to enable a wheelchair user to board.

Your attitude toward people with special needs will be forever altered for the good and you will function as an ambassador of better understanding for everyone. It’s a matter of changing attitudes and having the opportunity to gain valuable life experiences. It’s those experiences that make us who we are and keep us going day to day.